Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the Crossroads Set, McCovey Cove

Marine Film Works

Welcome to marinefilmworks.com Blog, and stay tuned for updates.

Welcome to Marine Film works Blog

Stay tuned for more information on Marine filming on the San Francisco Bayhttp://www.marinefilmworks.com

An Aerial View of the San Francisco Bay

Marine film works

Welcome to our Blog

Marine Film Works.

Marine Film Works is your resource for filming on the San Francisco Bay and beyond. We specialize in marine film services with an emphasis on service. We will take you from pre-production all the way to wrapping your project, and handle all the logistics in between.

We provide marine coordination services, scouting, launch service, tug and barge service. High speed vessels, specialty vessels, ships, ferries. Captains, crew, medics, divers, logistical support, location support, And Technical support. In addition we have a vast knowledge of the san Francisco Bay, it's strong currents, changing weather, and tidal variances.

For your scouting needs we can find the perfect location for your film project, either in the Bay, or along the rugged North coast of California.

We have worked on major motion pictures, numerous commercials, documentaries, music videos, large aquatic sporting events. We have worked with the Discovery and History channels on many productions. Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, ABC Sports.

Marine Film Works has a working relationship with the U.S. Coast Guard, State Parks, National Parks, the SFPD Marine unit, and other marine agencies in and around the San Francisco bay and beyond.